2017 Los Angeles Geospatial Summit Proposal

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Complete this form to submit a lightning talk and/or poster presentation for the 2017 Los Angeles Geospatial Summit. To be considered, your proposal must be submitted by Friday, November 24, 2016.

If you will be making this presentation with other students, please provide the names of your co-presenters here.

Presentation Type

You may choose to submit your abstract for a 5-minute lightning talk, poster, or both. Check "Lightning Talk" if you wish to do a 5-minute presentation. Check "Poster" if you wish to participate in the poster session. Lightning-talk slots are limited. If you choose "Lightning Talk" and do not choose "Poster," you will have less chance of having your abstract accepted.

List the disciplines (e.g., environmental studies, history, political science, geodesign) addressed in your paper or poster.

In 250 words or fewer, describe your paper and/or poster presentation. Include a statement of the problem or topic addressed in the paper or poster; spatial research methods employed to address the problem/topic; analysis methods; and results and conclusions.

After you submit your proposal, you will be redirected to a page that summarizes the information you have submitted. You will also receive an email that lists the information submitted in the form.