For K-12 Teachers: A Guide to Esri’s ConnectEd Web Page


Connected Website SnapshotRedlands-based Esri has donated free ArcGIS Online (AGO) Organizational accounts to all K-12 schools in the United States. Here’s an outline for getting started with a K-12 AGO Organizational Account.

URL to this page: ‎

  1. Read a Redlands Daily Facts story about the donation:
  2. Review information about how what ArcGIS Online is and how schools can take advantage of Esri’s donation:
  3. Watch a video that provides a basic understanding of what GIS is:
  4. Explore AGO with these quick activities: (no login is needed).
  5. Watch videos about how elementary and high school students used GIS at their school: (Elementary) and (High School).
  6. Take a free online course on how to use GIS in education:
  7. Explore resources available for educators.
  1. Request a free Esri AGO Organizational Account:
  2. Create a story map online (AGO Organizational Account required):
  3. Create a story map with a smartphone (AGO Organizational Accounted required):
  4. Sign up for Esri’s T3G Institute:

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