Borrowing Licenses for ArcGIS Desktop


borrowArcGISThe ArcGIS Desktop suite (ArcMap, ArcCatalog, ArcGlobe, etc) has very strict licensing requirements and generally requires a connection to a “license server” on our network while using it. This works well when using a university computer connected to the network, but it’s often inconvenient when using ArcGIS on a laptop or other computer off campus. For this reason, we allow you to “borrow” a license from our server that can be used without a network connection for up to a year.

To Borrow a License of ArcGIS Desktop

Before attempting to borrow a license, please confirm that you have installed ArcGIS Desktop and configured it to use the University of  Redlands license server. Also, confirm that you are connected to the university’s network through an hardwired ethernet connection (not wifi) before attempting to borrow a license.

  1. Open ArcGIS Administrator from your Start Menu/Start Screen. (If you’re having trouble finding it, try hitting the Windows Key and start typing ArcGIS Administrator…it should be displayed in the list.)
  2. Using ArcGIS Administrator, select Desktop in the table of contents in the left panel.
  3. Make sure the license manager has been defined as:

    License Manager

    License Manager Screenshot

  4. Select the Borrow/Return folder.
  5. Check the box next to Desktop Advanced and any of the additional extensions you want to use click Apply. The most common extensions are displayed in the screenshot below.

    License Manger - Check Out

    Borrow Licenses

  6. After the licenses have been borrowed, click OK to close the ArcGIS Administrator. You can now use your ArcGIS software while off the network.

You will be notified when your borrowed license is expiring and may re-borrow licenses using this same process to ensure that you don’t lose functionality in ArcGIS Desktop.

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