Getting to Know Pro – Making Maps


Making MapsGetting to Know Pro – Making Maps

ArcGIS Pro allows you to assemble all the resources required to complete a project in one place. A project contains maps, layouts, tasks, and connections to servers, databases, toolboxes, folders, styles, and so on. It can also incorporate your content from ArcGIS Online.

In previous lessons, you’ve been given a project to start with that has all the maps and data required for the activity. In this lesson, we’ll be starting from scratch, creating a new project and map layout.  The use of definition queries and various symbology options will help in displaying your data for a map layout.


Create new Pro project Insert New Map and rename
Add Database to Databases folder and make default Create Definition Query
Change layer symbology:  Unique Values, Graduated Colors and Graduated Symbols Insert graphic elements into layout: Title, legend, north arrow, and scale bar
Set default map for map layout Layout Activate button
Insert New Layout Export Layout

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