Learning GIS programming: An overview


The diversity of programming languages and tools being used in the Geospatial industry today is truly staggering. Depending on what the position requires, one would be expected to have expertise in SQL, python, C++, Java or Javascript, Flex and PHP (just to name a few). Knowledge and competence in programming is a essential skill set and a critical requirement for most Geospatial job opportunities these days.  A vast majority of job openings in the Geospatial industry require some expertise in programming, application development and software management.

As Geospatial professionals/graduates/students, some of us overlook the importance of programming in our careers. Some of us believe that our spatial skill sets are niche enough to compensate for the lack of our programming expertise. Well that might not be totally wrong. However, knowledge of programming is most certainly going to open up a whole new array of possibilities! It might be a good idea to have a look at recent job postings in the Geospatial industry to get an overview of the requirements

So which language(s) should you be learning to excel in the Geospatial industry? Here’s an overview of programming languages that are widely used in the Geospatial industry.

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