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ArcGIS Pro is the next generation GIS software product coming out of Esri. It has been completely redesigned to be more intuitive with a new ribbon-based user interface (like MS Office), more powerful as a 64-bit application, and opportunities to solve problems in innovative new ways through features such as simultaneous side-by-side 2D & 3D views.

Due to the graphics and processing-intensive nature of the application, ArcGIS Pro will not be installed across all computer labs on campus but is installed in Lewis Hall room 102 for classroom, lab, and general student use.  All university students and staff are free to download and use the application for educational purposes.

ArcGIS Pro is tightly integrated with our ArcGIS Online portal and requires you to verify your license by logging in with your ArcGIS Online account. This guide walks you through the process of logging in to and starting ArcGIS Pro.

0) If you have never logged in to our ArcGIS Online portal with your UofR login, please do so by clicking here and following the steps outlined on this page. This step creates your account and immediately gives you full access to the mapping tools of ArcGIS Online. This will also allow us to assign you an ArcGIS Pro license. ArcGIS Pro licenses are automatically assigned to new users every night so if you need immediate access, please contact us to make this request.

1) If you already have an active ArcGIS Online account, start ArcGIS Pro by clicking the Start button the taskbar, and then, on the Start menu, click All Programs > ArcGIS > ArcGIS Pro > ArcGIS Pro.

2) When the ArcGIS Sign In window pops up, find the Sign in with your enterprise login button at the bottom of the screen. This will allow you to login with your redlands.edu account.

ArcGIS Pro Sign In

ArcGIS Pro Sign In Screen


3) Enter univredlands in the empty textbox (or redlandsbusiness for the School of Business portal) as shown in the screenshot below and click CONTINUE.

ArcGIS Online subdomain entry

4) If you are using a university computer (in a lab for example), you should be immediately logged in and ArcGIS Pro will start. If you are using a personal computer, a login prompt will appear for you to enter your full @redlands.edu email address and password (see below).

ArcGIS Pro login prompt for non-university computers.

ArcGIS Pro login prompt for non-university computers.

5) Map like a Pro!

As always, if you have any questions or problems, please contact the Center for Spatial Studies at ude.s1506118625dnald1506118625er@se1506118625iduts1506118625laita1506118625ps1506118625

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