Spatial Skills Workshops Registration

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Use this form to request registration for the Spatial Skills Workshops to be held during Academic Year 2016-2017. Registration requests from faculty, administrators, staff, students, and the interested public are accepted.  Please contact ude.s1495831554dnald1495831554er@se1495831554iduts1495831554laita1495831554ps1495831554 if you have questions about the workshop.

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Choose the workshop(s) you wish to attend. All workshops are held from 4-5 PM in Lewis Hall, Room 102, unless otherwise noted. You will be notified of any changes in location or time prior to the workshop date.

The workshop room has 20 computer workstations. In case more than 20 participants wish to attend the workshop, we are asking if you can bring your own laptop (Windows or Mac are okay). We will contact you before the workshop date if we need you to bring your own laptop.

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