Logging into Esri Business Analyst Online and Community Analyst Online

Logging in to BAO and CAO

Business Analyst Online (BAO) and Community Analyst Online (CAO) are GIS web applications developed by the Redlands-based Esri to access extensive demographic and business data with analysis, reports, and maps. A number of business classes at the University of Redlands use BAO  and CAO to explore location-based market analytics. For more information see 

Steps for logging in:

0) If you have never logged in to our ArcGIS Online portal with your UofR login, please do so by clicking here and following the steps outlined on this page. This step creates your account and gives you full access to the mapping tools of ArcGIS Online. It may take a few minutes for BAO and CAO permissions to be granted. If you do not receive access within 30 minutes of activating your account, please contact us for assistance.

1) Go to Business Analyst Online at or Community Analyst Online at

BAO Splash Screen

2) From the login prompt, click Sign in with your enterprise login. 

BAO login

3) Enter redlandsbusiness into the empty text box (or univredlands if not in the School of Business) and click CONTINUE.

BAO Enterprise Login

4) Click USING YOUR UOR ACCOUNT from the next login screen.

BAO UOR Account

5) In most cases, you will be redirected to a University of Redlands login page – the same one you see when logging into the MyRedlands portal and Webmail. Enter your account information and click Sign in. You will logged in and redirected back to Business Analyst Online *If you are already logged into MyRedlands, WebMail, or some other University website, you may be automatically signed in without going through this step.

UR Account Login Page

UR Account Login Page

4) That’s it! Start mapping and reporting! For more information on using Business Analyst Online please see Esri’s website.

BAO Start

If you have any questions or problems with this process, please contact us at ude.s1508501493dnald1508501493er@se1508501493iduts1508501493laita1508501493ps1508501493